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Arirang Restaurant

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Korean restaurant

Gungahlin, ACT

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About Arirang Restaurant

Korean restaurant

What people love
Korean restaurant
One_Person's Opinion Apr 27, 2022
I really liked this restaurant. Nice, polite staff. The food was excellent and delivered in good time. The restaurant has a nice ambience, although the constant pop music was a little annoying after a while. I would definitely eat there again. See less
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Systema Apr 21, 2022
Had the bulgogi, mushroom and vegetables in sweet stew this evening. Waited for half an hour for the hot pot to come out - even the steamed rice went cold but the hot pot was nowhere to be seen. Took around 10 minutes for the dish to arrive after the waiter reminded the kitchen regarding the missed order. Unlike the hotpot on other tables, the hotpot was lukewarm when it first arrived and took ages to warm up using the camping stove. The bulgogi, which was supposed to be thinly sliced, marinated beef, also turned up as chunks of beef slices clumped together - almost as if they were thrown into the hot soup before it was thawed. Talked to the waiter about the issue and he took it up to one of the waitress who I assumed was his senior. Nothing came out of it, not even an apology. Disappointing. See less
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Petrina Stephalicia Mar 28, 2022
Loved the hot soups here at Arirang Korean Restaurant! These hot soups were especially good on a cold ❄️ day and really warms you up. We had ordered #44 and #46. The Beef Bulgogi soup and the Fish 🐠 roe with seafood in anchovy soup. The Beef Bulgogi soup was rich and tasty. There was enoki mushrooms and glass noodles in it. Overall, a very lovely soup, however it can a bit oily. The Fish roe with seafood soup had a lovely vermilion colour to it. It was filled with clams, mussels, shrimps 🦐, tofu, beansprouts and parsley. Overall it was a satisfying dish, however there were some bits which I couldn't tell what kind of seafood it was. Refer to the picture with the spoon. I think what would make this dish better is to make it into a kimchi seafood soup. The side dishes were great!! We had three helpings of them. Overall: Food: 8/10 Service: 8/10. The staff were attentive and polite. Ambience: Casual place for a meet up with friends. Great place for hot soup on a cold day! See less
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Sonam Pelden Mar 22, 2022
Food menu didn’t have a proper information. Ordered soup for my kid and came out to be spicy. The picture put up next to it was completely different to what I got. When I told it them it’s for kids they didn’t even made a effort to change it for instead said we are already done making it. A person from different country wont know how the food would would be. We order by reading the menu and checking on the picture. Taste seem to be poor compare to what I had from other Korean food. Staff attitude was poor. It will be my first and last to this restaurant. See less
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soe latt Mar 13, 2022
The waitress just slammed the door at our face when we were checking their menus outside of their shop. Alternatively, she could just tell us that the kitchen is closed. Extremely rude and horrible customer service. Won’t be coming back ever! See less
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Matthew Mahony Jan 14, 2022
The best Korean food I have had in Canberra by far!! Every dish we ordered was delicious. I went to Korea for 2 weeks in 2019 and when i came back I was dissapointed in the options we have here up until now. There is a reason why this resurant has so many Koreans that frequent this place. Amazing See less
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Aaron Elworthy Nov 28, 2021
After looking for some decent Korean fried chicken, stumbled across Arirang. Have ordered takeaway a few times now and found its always fresh and nicely prepared. Delicious flavours and menu options. Highly recommended See less
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MaxximusD Oct 18, 2021
Updating my review based on EASI delivery services. I’ll keep my 5 star review valid and unedited below but that is strictly for an in-person dine in. My updated review is based on EASI delivery service. I’ve usually dealt with the restaurants delivery using txt message and have had no issues in the past but my last order took nearly 2hours to deliver for a restaurant that is 10 minutes away. By the time the food arrived my guests were extremely hungry and we were eating cold food. 5/5 For In-person Dining Don't let the surroundings and decor fool you. If Korean food is what you're after, Arirang does not disappoint. Great value and great tasting. I love their boneless fried chicken variety the best! 16/10/2021 Update: Updating my 2-star review to a 5 star review. The delivery system that I experienced which was extremely poor where I downgraded review to 2 star is being lifted. I have given two opportunities through different transactions at different period and the service appears to have been restored where delivery no longer took nearly 2 hours rendering food cold and soggy. Twice now since the negative review, the promptness of service has significantly improved to the point that service no longer provides a negative experience. Thank you for restoring improved delivery service. See less
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Katelyn Papa Aug 13, 2021
Tried their Maewoon Pyeojjim (braised spicy pork backbone). When food is served PAR-COOKED AND INCOMPLETE (because it looks like no where near the picture on the menu 😂), then they should inform the customer prior to payment. I wish I was given an option to choose different dish. I have planned to celebrate a friend of mine’s birthday in my place. There was a power outage in my area so I decided to order a take away. Came back home and picked up the plastic container, it was COLD COLD. I live 10 mins away from Gunghalin, so I can tell you the food didn’t just get cooled down. Opened it, a generous amount of meat on the bone and HEAPS of gelatinous bone broth. No garnish, no veggies, no rice cake (mentioned in the menu). My understanding of this particular dish is that braised pork means not too soupy, and other condiments should be accompanied. I wasn’t sure if they made a mistake so rang the restaurant. The staff said it is supposed to be served that way. I explained to her that I have no electricity at home and was unable to cook. Suggested her that she should double check with the customers, if they’re happy to order regardless. PLEASE NOTE: their Gamjatang also is served the same way, according to the staff member. So bear in mind there’ll be just icy cold meat and jelly-ey broth, and you’ll still have to pay the full price. See less
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Andy Lee Jul 12, 2021
Was here tonight for dinner, my go to is the kimchi fried rice with spam and Samgye-tang. I personally love this combo! it goes well during winter. You get 3 different side dishes here, the pickles and kimchi is great! This place is medium size, i think it fits between 20-30 people so you may want to book ahead just in case! I was here around 7ish and it was a full house on a Monday night. The service is standard but nice enough, i haven’t tried the other dishes yet but would definitely come back again. See less
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Courtney Walsh Apr 01, 2021
Very small restaurant. Best Korean Fried Chicken I have had. Their Bibimbap was amazing. Beautiful crispy dumplings. Service is friendly and efficient. Will be going back here again. See less
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Kate Oct 27, 2020
Food was yummy. Friendly and effective customer service. I like the sweet and spicy chicken here but it’s too much for 2 people. It would be great if the restaurant could offer a smaller option. See less
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Ribka Febriana Mar 08, 2020
Best korean fried chicken so far. Small and narrow place, just on the Gungahlin station See less
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Mick K Jan 26, 2020
Always great food. Freshly cooked. The fried chicken options are awesome. Try the seafood pancake. See less
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Nguyen Nguyen Dec 21, 2019
Absolutely disappointed. Since the Arirang in City was closed a few years ago, the place in Gungahlin has been nothing but a disappointment. From the fried chicken to the chef’s special dish, the taste is subpar. In my last visit (because a friend wanted to give this place another try), we ordered the chef’s special - no. 5 which was described as “thinly-sliced pork” in the menu. To our horror, we were served chunks of thickly-cut pork’s leg which was absolutely hard to chew. We could barely eat anything. Told the resto and they charged us $50 for that dish anyway. Would never recommend!!! See less
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+ 10 reviews
+ 10 reviews
Does Arirang Restaurant offer takeaway?

Yes, Arirang Restaurant offers takeaway services. However we encourage you to call us first.

Where is Arirang Restaurant located?

Its located at 43 Hibberson St, Gungahlin ACT 2912, Australia

About Arirang Restaurant

Korean restaurant

43 Hibberson St, Gungahlin ACT 2912, Australia
+61 2 6262 3959
Opening hours
  • Sunday: 11:30AM - 3PM, 5
  • Monday: 11:30AM - 3PM, 5
  • Tuesday: Closed
  • Wednesday: 11:30AM - 3PM, 5
  • Thursday: 11:30AM - 3PM, 5
  • Friday: 11:30AM - 3PM, 5
  • Saturday: 11:30AM - 3PM, 5
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