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Armadillos Cafe

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Nicholls, ACT

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About Armadillos Cafe


What people love
Jacynta Waldron Apr 20, 2022
Want a serving of something you can make at home whilst living on a budget? Missing the 80s where anything goes? Well this is the cafe for you! Pay first. Just in case you don’t like the the sub par food when it’s delivered. There’s even a child’s play area just meters from the dining space. This place delivers on all fronts. Great signage setup to deliver ample disappointment for any child that discovers the play room only to find it’s empty with some roofing material “safely” strewn across the floor. If that’s not enough. The cafe worker demonstrates initiative and will parent your children without consent by yelling in a cruel and nonconstructive manner at the children attempting to make the play room playable. Because who cares about putting a closed sign or roping off an unsafe area? Not him. Why would you not consult the parent supervising and about to intervene, why would you? Better to verbally traumatise the child and their parent. Apparently reducing your clients to tears is the best form of service. It’s really reassuring to know this cafe treats everyone with dignity and respect. I was assured he wouldn’t have shouted at my 5 year old had he realised she was a customer. This is despite cheerily engaging with her at the table minutes prior. If you appreciate a sheepish, half hearted apology accompanied by a marshmallow and bruised strawberry then look no further. I strongly suggest lowering your expectations before visiting this establishment. Then lower them again. See less
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Cohen Gum Apr 20, 2022
Aldi and the troll If the old man/troll isn’t making parents and their kids cry with his foul temper, the food constructed entirely out of Aldi’s finest just might. ‘The cheese is from Aldi!’ the waitress said proudly, beaming. Uhhh ok sure! Is Aldi known for its cheese selection? Were we missing something here? We smiled nervously. The advertised ‘play area’ consisted of a piece of roofing laying on the ground. Spare no expense was clearly the business motto. My friends 5 year old thought this was the play equipment based on the big ‘PLAY AREA’ sign and colourfully painted exterior. She started jumping on the plastic material gleefully, unaware of the danger she was in. Was that the clatter of coffee mugs being moved or cleaned or was the troll cleaning his teeth with the bones of a previous victim? The loud noise startled the troll. Angrily interrupted he stumbled out of the darkness and bellowed a terrible roar! Reminiscent of the Balrog from Lord of the Rings. If only Gandalf were there to save us… Children ran screaming in every direction. Mum and daughter now in tears we ran for our lives. I quickly grabbed the Aldi food as takeaway. Mostly so we could experience this mystical cheese that waitresses sang songs about. Would we be forever changed? Was this cheesy substance the nectar of the gods? Would it be like drinking from the tree of life? Would we find enlightenment through Aldi cheese? One bite of her bagel and the five year old spat out the cheese in disgust. ‘I don’t like this cheese’ she said sadly. We all felt sad. We decided to take the kids to the dinosaur museum to try and distract them from the terrors they’d just experienced. Turns out trolls are scarier than dinosaurs. See less
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Hermione Playz Apr 02, 2022
The servers are really nice and the food is good :D I shall keep my promise See less
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Tegan Meddings Mar 27, 2022
Great service, staff were amazing with our kids, and super friendly! The food was delicious! We will definitely come back when we come to Canberra! See less
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Bo Tevi Mar 17, 2022
I came here for morning tea with my child. The waitress was extremely rude and judgemental and I was made to feel very uncomfortable. I almost walked out. The fruit salad was good however. See less
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Pauline Nicholson Feb 26, 2022
My very favourite coffee shop. Friendly staff,simple foods but well prepared and presented. Annie's date scones are big and yummy 😋 See less
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jan heisner Feb 17, 2022
What a lovely place to sit and have a cuppa. Annie is a wonderful hostess!! She's so chirpy and happy and bursts into song intermittently! I'd go back just for the company!! See less
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Antonino Iannella Feb 05, 2022
This is a calming place to visit, offering indoor and outdoor seating. There's something for everyone on the menu. The proprietor and staff are welcoming and friendly. There's ample parking, shops, and tourist attractions nearby. See less
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Adam Jan 29, 2022
Shockingly rude service. Sarcasm with almost every sentence. Never going to part with another dollar at this place whilst the waiter in question works there. Food and drinks okay but I don't expect to be made uncomfortable by waiter and will go elsewhere. See less
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ht gar Jan 23, 2022
I didn't get one of the items I ordered, raison toast was supermarket bread, milk tasted odd in coffee, suspect they put wrong milk in. However, avo and fetta cheese croissant was good and staff were very friendly See less
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Jacinta Egoroff Jul 18, 2021
We have come here a few times over the last two or so years and the staff and atmosphere are ALWAYS, and I mean, ALWAYS glowing with happy vibes and positivity! It's such a beautiful little cafe and the food here has always been excellent. Highly recommend if you're headed out Gold Creek way! Beautiful people and beautiful food ❤ See less
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Le Me Jul 04, 2021
A very strange and unpleasant experience. When we arrived a waiter was weirdly looming out the front of the store - can't explain it but it was odd. After sitting down for a few minutes two of the wait staff got into an argument about the dishes being cleaned and one of them stormed out. They continued to make passive aggressive comments to each other for the rest of the time we were there. Then another staff member came over to chat with us and commented on the rips in my partner's jeans, making a pretty thinly veiled dig at them by saying 'hmm, bet they cost you quite a bit too'. Maybe she thought she was being subtle and we were too stupid to pick up on the dig because we're young. The food was pretty poor too. Very weird atmosphere and rushed to get out of the cafe. Just go to the pub across the road instead. See less
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julia May 03, 2021
4 of us (asian) were very disappointed when went inside their cafe and about to order some food and drinks but this woman(about in 50’s) was so very rude and racist and told us to just wait on the table outside the cafe and just wait for her to take the order when they’re free as they were only 2 staff and she told us also “unless you guys want to be our waitress”, very rude woman she is. When we were outside waiting for her, we saw her letting the aussie customers whi came after us to come inside and let them order while we were waiting outside, and we decided to leave and went to the cafe next door which they’ve better customer service. If there’s 0 star rating, i will rate them 0 because of their unprofessional service and for rude and racist staff. I will never recommend this cafe. Im advising all non- aussie customers not to visit this cafe so you will not experience same experience we had, very disappointing. See less
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Gordon MacLeod Jan 30, 2020
Awesome. Annie, the owner is a jazz singer, I am sure she will endulge you. Very friendly and serene place to sit and enjoy a cuppa! See less
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Sara Howell Jan 02, 2020
This place is awesome! Fresh food and plenty of delicious options. The owner and staff are the friendliest, most helpful people! If you are lucky you may be serenaded whilst you eat. Best cafe around! See less
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+ 10 reviews
+ 10 reviews
Does Armadillos Cafe offer takeaway?

Yes, Armadillos Cafe offers takeaway services. However we encourage you to call us first.

Where is Armadillos Cafe located?

Its located at 7 O'Hanlon Pl, Nicholls ACT 2913, Australia

About Armadillos Cafe


7 O'Hanlon Pl, Nicholls ACT 2913, Australia
+61 422 076 313
Opening hours
  • Sunday: 9:30AM - 4PM
  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 9:30AM - 3PM
  • Wednesday: 9:30AM - 4PM
  • Thursday: 9:30AM - 4PM
  • Friday: 9:30AM - 4PM
  • Saturday: 9:30AM - 4PM
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