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Domino's Pizza Belconnen

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Fast food restaurant

Florey, ACT

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About Domino's Pizza Belconnen

Fast food restaurant

What people love
Fast food restaurant
Pierce Lang Apr 25, 2022
$5 pepperoni is the crack of the pizza world. Tastes as good if not better the next day when you take it out of the fridge. Probably going to get one now that I've been thinking about it. See less
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Dianne Parker Apr 13, 2022
Good price quick service I didn't phone ahead. Friendly staff good pizzas. See less
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Barton West Apr 09, 2022
Busiest and best in canberra Quick service. Fast turn around. Good parking. See less
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Chris Richards Dec 14, 2021
Surprisingly no longer tastes like cardboard, not sure when they started using decent ingredients again but it's actually good now. Carpark pick up is very convenient. One annoyance is the app and the website have different specials to each other for the same store, forcing you to check both. See less
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Joseph Flor Oct 06, 2021
Fantastic! Tried the new smaller pan size and it was excellent. Not only was it satisfying but very small in price. Thanks Dominos, my wife and I will do this again very soon. See less
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Cristy Barnes Khan Sep 27, 2021
Fast cooking time. Staff are good 95% of my visits but have been to busy not doing their job & speaking on phones so customers are left waiting (cook staff pick up the slack when other staff slacking off See less
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Crosby R Jul 09, 2021
I always do pick up and its usually on time. Once they stuffed up and gave our pizza to someone else. My pizzas ended up cold. Go to a country town and they put more on your pizza. Not all dominos r created even. See less
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Manisha Aggarwal May 16, 2021
I ordered veggie pizza, they add chicken, then I called them, he was very very rude, if somebody ordered veggie pizza, he said u need to inform u are vegetarian, I think u should use your mind while making pizza, if somebody order veggie, definitely the person is vegetarian And he hang up the call front of my face. Horrible Bloody dominos I wish I could give u 0 star See less
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Evneet Kaur Feb 19, 2021
Highly disappointing experience. The peri peri pizza didn’t have any peri peri sauce. The pizza topping were inconsistent. Had to return the pizzas and were told I will get delivery but inspite of waiting for 50 minutes no one came to deliver. When enquired was told to come to pick it up. See less
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Kate Stevenson Nov 25, 2020
Consistent with Dominos pizza. Don't bother ordering Loaded Pepperoni as they put the same amount on as the regular pep.. which is to say, not that much. Employees seem friendly and chill which is nice. See less
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Laurie Di Prinzio Feb 21, 2020
Almost $25 for 'large' pizza that would not and did not feed a child and 2 adults. The staff member should have asked how many people were to be fed. Considering that size is their standard size and nothing smaller. As i later found out. It is quite normal that a large pizza is almost double the size we received. Ripped off. Never again Also pizza was Boring. Sorry to the driver. Not his fault. I was a bit rude to him. See less
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dudetterose Feb 01, 2020
The one and only good thing about this Domino's is the drivers are nice. They always greet me with a smile and are patient and kind. They should get a raise. ☺ Thank you Drivers. Domino's is the worst food I have ordered from anywhere. They are very stingy with toppings and then do too much sauce. No cheese on pizza. Out of all the times I have ordered there have maybe been once or twice when the order has been correct. I have had to ring up so many times I know the phone number off by heart. I have not been able to enjoy domino's without drama. They don't seem to care what they do so of course the food isn't going to be good. They don't seem to look at what the customer has actually ordered. The 'picture' pizza is not worth anything even when it does work. That is pointless. Only when it is in front of the customer will they be able to tell if the food is good or not. Most times the pizzas have been under cooked as well. I will not order ever again and I recommend going somewhere if you want good food and service. See less
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Janna Horsburgh Dec 24, 2019
This is the first time I’ve ever had to write a poor review for Florey. The pizza was fifteen minutes later than estimated (accepted it is Christmas Eve) the base was undercooked and the tracker timed out when the pizza should have been delivered so I was unable to use the automated feedback system. Sorry guys I love you but tonight you failed. Garlic scrolls were ace though See less
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Matt Thomas Oct 12, 2018
When you have to wait another 10 minutes after the expected 10 minutes because your pizza was not made with the correct sauce, you expect it to be right the second time. But not only was it wrong again, the pizza was absolutely disgusting. Coating it with cheese to hide the fact the tomato sauce was meant to be BBQ sauce is ridiculous, and the pepperoni was so under cooked it was pink. I do not understand how on a quiet night your staff fail to make a pizza which I find edible. Anyone can do better than what was done tonight. Extremely disappointing. See less
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Damian Keane Jul 01, 2017
Very, very unhappy with Domino's in Florey ACT. Last week we ordered three pizzas but one pizza was incorrect. When we rang we were told we could have a credit for our next order. Tonight we tried to use the credit plus order one extra pizza, after some negotiating on the phone with Manager Dan we paid the difference over the phone by credit card. When the driver arrived with our order we were told we had to pay for the whole order. The driver tried to call but could not get through, then we tried to call Dan again. We were told Dan was too busy to talk to us. So we sent the whole order back. Driver was very nice and patient. We are now waiting for the manager to call us back tomorrow. After being a regular customer since they opened we will not try again. See less
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+ 10 reviews
+ 10 reviews
Does Domino's Pizza Belconnen offer takeaway?

Yes, Domino's Pizza Belconnen offers takeaway services. However we encourage you to call us first.

Where is Domino's Pizza Belconnen located?

Its located at Shop 1 Florey Shops, 29 Kesteven St, Florey ACT 2615, Australia

About Domino's Pizza Belconnen

Fast food restaurant

Shop 1 Florey Shops, 29 Kesteven St, Florey ACT 2615, Australia
+61 2 6132 2020 phone5
Opening hours
  • Saturday: 10:30AM - 1AM
  • Sunday: 10:30AM - 12AM
  • Monday: 10:30AM - 11PM
  • Tuesday: 10:30AM - 11PM
  • Wednesday: 10:30AM - 11PM
  • Thursday: 10:30AM - 12AM
  • Friday: 10:30AM - 1AM
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