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KFC Hawker

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Fried chicken takeaway

Hawker, ACT

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About KFC Hawker

Fried chicken takeaway

What people love
Fried chicken takeaway
Anthony Smith Mar 21, 2022
One of the better KFCs in Canberra. They actually got our order right the first time. Restaurant was clean enough too See less
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Jeff Goltz Mar 13, 2022
Just went through the drive through. Asked for 3 piece dinner box with water as tge drink. Advised they were out of water. Get home and open the box to find only 2 pieces of chicken and no potato and gravy. See less
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Patrick Askew Mar 12, 2022
I struggle to fathom just how bad this KFC is... Takes forever, food is cold, gives you the wrong change and missing items. This place should be condemned and the workers ground into sludge to be used at a better KFC. See less
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Natalie Ward Mar 12, 2022
The Drive thru moves quite quickly with not much waiting time, always greeted with pleasant staff! The food is packed accordingly with no spillage. They get their orders correct most of the time as the service is very nippy, they are passing food through the window faster than I can put my wallet away, so just be sure to check you got everything in the box or bag! To be sure! To be sure! To be sure! 🤣 Overall, food is cooked fresh 😋 and delicious! Great management! 👍 See less
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Sai Charan Mar 06, 2022
Chicken felt like it's very old n felt weird in belly. The taste wasn't good at all. Potato Chips? I asked them, plz don't forget the salt. Idk why she didn't add salt at all. See less
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Scarlett Coster Feb 03, 2022
Ordered online and went through the drive-thru for pickup. They called to say they forgot an item which is incredibly rare for a KFC!! Great service and hot food! See less
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Tactician Jan 09, 2022
Hired a bunch of 14-15 year old buffoons who have the worst attitude and patience to customers in the drive through. Should of hired people who knew what they are doing instead of inexperienced and impatient kids who only know which facilities can get you obese. See less
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Rachael Eason Dec 27, 2021
Pathetic, checked opening time and when we got there all the lights where on, pulled into the drive thru at 9.40, 20 mins before close. Waited 5 minutes to have all the drive thru lights turned off and then went back around to the front of the store all the lights where off. Checked opening time on the door, and they close at 10, guess they cant read a clock or care about selling food. See less
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gokul sangamitrachoyi Nov 28, 2021
Ordered a lot of items from menulog and was sent only half of the items. This happenens Everytime I order from here. We had to go back to the store and told the manager about our problem and he was decent enough to prepare our entire order again. But I they just repacked the previous order and gave us the missing items. Fries were cold, chicken soggy and messing up orders Everytime. Better off ordering from some place else. See less
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Chris Richards Nov 18, 2021
As someone who worked as a full-time cook for 2 years as a teenager at Australia's 2nd busiest & largest KFC store, it is appalling to witness how abysmally low their quality standards have dropped since then. If you have a strong craving for fried chicken and chips, there is actually a far better and independent outlet not far away in Belco area that is a much better choice than this KFC store is. Check on your preferred fast food app and you will find them. The chicken is often over or under cooked (not stirring the oil enough cook!!), the chips are under-cooked and often bland unless covered in salt, the potato & gravy is of shamefully poor quality (it's really not that hard to get right guys!!) and the customer service is effectively non-existent. The 15-16 year old staff do not care about you as a customer or the quality of the food, and the manager is too overworked and underpaid babysitting apathetic teens to care at all either. - note this is the case with most KFC stores this day, not just this one. All the stores in the ACT though are extremely terrible imho. The carpark next to the store is always strewn with litter and never cleared up, the tiny seating area inside reflects their focus on the drive-through over all else customer wise. Only go here if you are really desperate, there are so many other good food options in Belco region it is almost criminal to subject your stomach to eating here. See less
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Emme Murphy Oct 17, 2021
Consistently the worst KFC and fast food restaurant in Australia. Food is always cold and inedible (that’s if you get your whole order, they haven’t run out of of chicken, or if there’s even chicken in your nuggets? See attached photo), the staff obviously hate their jobs and make sure the customers know it, through both the customer service and the foods quality, and it’s always a 15 minute wait even if you just get chips, which are always cold and soggy, or completely uncooked! If you’re looking to be unsatisfied, look no further than KFC Hawker. See less
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AfterStyle RC Oct 03, 2021
Have come to kfc hawker for the last 3 days at 7:30pm to only be told they only have popcorn chicken and nuggets....that's it. Get your act together. Seriously if I was the owner knowing that the staff is throwing away business I'd loose my mind. Sack the lot of them that work there and hire more competent staff See less
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Pierce Lang Sep 22, 2021
I ride past there so Google wants a review, aside from being the slowest/worst KFC in Australia as legend has it, they do a great frozen mountain dew when the machine is working and they did used to have a milkshake like drink which was good but no one knew how to operate that machine so they got rid of it. Some of the kids there are genuinely hard workers though. The pepper and mayo slider is nice. See less
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Julian Alvarez Mar 07, 2020
The place was very dirty. Employees are lazy because they weren't that busy so that they weren't able to clean the tables at least. Also, the chips were sort of raw, not well done. This is my first time in KFC, and honestly, I don't see myself coming back ever. See less
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Fi Crispin Oct 27, 2017
Been going here for a looooong time and it's always been the same consistent type of service, not overly positive but not too bad. They run out of chicken quite often and drive thru can be a nightmare sometimes (always check you have everything you ordered) but mostly the staff are young and are just trying hard to learn what it means to be in the workplace and responsibilities so I can't fault them too much. We loved when they had the black buns .. bring those back soon! See less
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+ 10 reviews
+ 10 reviews
Does KFC Hawker offer takeaway?

Yes, KFC Hawker offers takeaway services. However we encourage you to call us first.

Where is KFC Hawker located?

Its located at 103 Hawker Pl, Hawker ACT 2614, Australia

About KFC Hawker

Fried chicken takeaway

103 Hawker Pl, Hawker ACT 2614, Australia
+61 2 6254 2955
Opening hours
  • Sunday: 10:30AM - 10PM
  • Monday: 10:30AM - 10PM
  • Tuesday: 10:30AM - 10PM
  • Wednesday: 10:30AM - 10PM
  • Thursday: 10:30AM - 11PM
  • Friday: 10:30AM - 11PM
  • Saturday: 10:30AM - 11PM
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