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Kingsley's Chicken Woden

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Chicken restaurant

Phillip, ACT

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About Kingsley's Chicken Woden

Chicken restaurant

What people love
Chicken restaurant
Mitchell S Jan 26, 2022
They took my money and refused to give me my food because apparently it hadn't come through on their end. I showed the manager the transaction on my phone, and he still denied me my food saying the money would bounce back. It didn't. The manager needs a lesson in customer service. See less
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lucas storey Jan 15, 2022
Great chicken and awesome chips See less
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Callum Bonney Dec 26, 2021
i do have to say that in normal circumstances, a truck load of chicken would make a person put on a large amount of weight. HOWEVER FOR SOME STRANGE REASON OR ANOTHER I cannot seem to put on any extra weight Therefore, Kingsleys must be healthy Thank you for that good good chook chook Bagawk See less
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Alexander Myers Nov 08, 2021
Kimgsleys Woden best fast food choices chicken lowest prices, and quick service Evey time KFC and Macca's fail Kingsley's chip chicken torp rolls are only like $7 so they really are the cheapest See less
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Michelle Wright Jun 26, 2021
I ordered from Menulog at 5:20pm, I didn’t get my food until 7:40 and it was stone cold and hard and dry. Even after attempting to reheat the food it was still dry and very unenjoyable, I ate a few bites but the rest was inedible. Very disappointing to wait 2 hours for cold food that I had to waste I certainly won’t be ordering here again See less
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yolo 6873 Jun 21, 2021
I found hairs and bones from meatball. They use bear hands to pick up meat sometimes. The most unsanitary and rude place i ever been. The female worker is the most unfriendly. If you ask her to grab meat, she throws at you like you are a begger See less
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Anne Vaughan Dec 24, 2020
Delicious, although a bit salty. They have a "buy two get two free" ongoing special on wings, but we've been there at different times of the day and night and they NEVER have enough wings to take advantage of that offer. Always only one or two. Very curious. See less
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MSF Group Jun 23, 2020
Very dodgy guy at the counter. Always say dont have wings 2 free offer and give you smallest chicken peice See less
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Michael Richards May 02, 2020
When you order a 3 piece meal you should NOT get two wings. Poor show. I am still hungry. Also they had a buy two wings get two wings free. I would have spent less and gotten more food. Hot tip: check you order BEFORE you drive home. See less
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Ben Carvalho Jan 30, 2020
Real, honest to goodness fried chicken. I did not have phenomenally high hopes to start with, but the chicken was fresh, crisp, tender and juicy, as well as well-seasoned. Very, very hard to ask for more, it was simply perfect. See less
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Steveo K Jan 22, 2020
Ordered Gravy and then refused to give, the Asian manager lady was very rude, after waiting 15min for our meal (fillets) it was cold if there was a no star rating I would of gave none, not to mention the guy who served us was also rude, do not recommend the store best to make the trip to Belco or Kippax And this is not the fastest store in Canberra. When you see everyone who ordered after you get food before you makes you think. Kingsley Var I feel the standards at this store is unprofessional I asked for gravy sold me this M2 meal he asked what sauce from the list I said gravy. Didn't get the gravy and got some other sauce, disappointment See less
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Karunya Sankar Oct 29, 2019
This place charged me $2.00 in addition to the roast chicken's price just to cut half a chicken into 1/4 pieces. I don't understand. The reason I was given was that it takes a lot of time to do it and so they charge money. But it literally took the staff 20 seconds to get mine in a bag including cutting time. There were no other customers when I went as well. So I really don't see the point. I know this sounds very simple to do but I can't believe they charge money to cut the chicken which is what the purpose of the whole shop is for. The lady behind the counter was very abrupt about the whole thing and said "that is the process" when I questioned it. No thank you. See less
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Augustine Nojan Joseph Aug 27, 2019
Had a very bad experience at Woden shop. Manager asked me to wait for 10 minutes to serve the newly cooked southern fry. After the wait,they served me from the old cooked southern fry which was kept underneath instead of newly cooked pieces in the tray.when asked about it, he said if you don’t want we can refund you.Is that the customer service culture you follow?. Never again.... See less
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Edith santosa Mar 01, 2019
Kingsley Chicken is one of the fast food restaurants that provide halal dishes between their menu. You may ask which one the menu that is halal certified, or simply search "kingsley halal menu" on your google. The price is good, the taste is nice, and it's easily found anywhere in the capital. See less
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Selma Bouvier Jan 23, 2018
nice staff and the food is mostly pretty good. however they go nuts with mayo on burgers.... fml I want to taste the chicken not the condiments. It also makes the food slide around too much and the burger is messy to eat with that much mayo. It also pisses me off that they ALWAYS try to encourage you to buy more/larger sizes... if I wanted chips and gravy with that I'd ask, and I know perfectly well what a small chips looks like, I don't want regular instead. See less
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+ 10 reviews
+ 10 reviews
Does Kingsley's Chicken Woden offer takeaway?

Yes, Kingsley's Chicken Woden offers takeaway services. However we encourage you to call us first.

Where is Kingsley's Chicken Woden located?

Its located at Shop G104 Westfield, Corinna St, Phillip ACT 2606, Australia

About Kingsley's Chicken Woden

Chicken restaurant

Shop G104 Westfield, Corinna St, Phillip ACT 2606, Australia
+61 2 6108 4591
Opening hours
  • Tuesday: 10AM - 8:15PM
  • Wednesday: 10AM - 8:15PM
  • Thursday: 10AM - 8:15PM
  • Friday: 10:30AM - 9:15PM
  • Saturday: 10AM - 8:15PM
  • Sunday: 10AM - 8:15PM
  • Monday: 10:30AM - 8:15PM
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