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Mami U Mami Strathfield

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Korean restaurant

Strathfield, NSW

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About Mami U Mami Strathfield

Korean restaurant

What people love
Korean restaurant
Vinos L Jul 15, 2021
배달로 먹엇는데 너무 맛잇어요. 조미료 많이안쓰시고 엄마가 해준 맛이 떠올랏습니다. 자주 이용하겟습니다 See less
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Grace LEE Jul 02, 2021
(Translated by Google) I went because my friend recommended it, and all the side dishes were just as good as at home. And there were so many different things that I didn't know what the main menu was, and it was so hearty and delicious. I think the price is too cheap . So, do you want to stay in business?... My friends also visited, and the price was cheap and generous, so they asked if there was such a place in Sydney. Thank you for introducing me to my friends... And the people who work there are friendly. We always tip.. (Original) 내친구 가 추천 해서 다녀왔는데 집 에서 하는 것과 같이 모든 사이드 반찬도 넘 무 맛이 있었어요. 그리고 메인메뉴 가 무었인지 모를정도로 여러가지 나왔는데 너무 푸짐하고 맛있었어요. 가격 이 넘 저렴한것 같아요 . 그래서 장사 남는냐고... 내친구 들 도 다녀와서 가격도 저렴하고 푸짐 해서 시드니에 이런데 도 있냐 면서 친구들과 다음 에 간다 며 고맙다네요 소개해줘서... 그리고 일하는사람도 친절해 우린 항상 tip 은 기본.. See less
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Elizabeth Sung Jul 02, 2021
Great home made style of Korean and bistro menu. Tasty and variety of menus to choose from, I highly recommend this place for both dinner and lunch. Very cost efficient especially as Korean menus are served with many side dishes together with main, all freshly prepared upon order. I especially love their food without msg, as I have allergic reactions. Highly recommended! See less
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박서현 Jun 09, 2021
(Translated by Google) 1. Weekday lunch take-out phone order was told to pick up at 12:40, but I waited another 30 minutes and the food came out after 1pm. It didn't look busy at all. 2. I ordered seasoned chicken, but found it while packing the fried chicken and fixed it. 3. I ordered naengmyeon, sashimi rice bowl, and seasoned chicken, but the seasoned chicken was the last. I thought the naengmyeon was somen noodles with a little exaggeration, even though the broth and noodles were separately included. 4. On the phone, when I asked if the noodles were served with naengmyeon, they said they would serve it separately, but there was none. 5. The seasoning for sashimi was very lacking. not rubbed.. 6. I didn't bring the cutlery, so I went back and got it. The quality did not come out as long as I waited. I didn't even hear a word of apology, just asking me to wait a little longer. I don't leave reviews for reference, but it's very disappointing. When I visited the store and ate it, it was okay, but I wondered if this could be the case with this take-out order. Over $70 paid, but nothing worth it. Even a 6,000 won chicken restaurant in a rural Korean market doesn't seem to work this way.. I have no intention of revisiting it in the future. (Original) 1. 평일 런치 포장 전화주문 12:40분에 픽업 오라고 하셨으나 30분 더 기다리고 1시 넘어서 음식 나왔습니다. 보기에 전혀 바빠보이지 않았음. 2. 양념치킨 오더했으나 후라이드 포장 중 발견 후 픽스했습니다. 3. 냉면, 회덮밥, 양념치킨 오더했으나 양념치킨을 제일 마지막에.. 냉면은 육수와 면을 따로 담았음에도 불구하고 불어서 과장 조금 보태고 소면인줄 알았습니다. 4. 전화상으로 냉면에 다데기 올라가냐고 여쭈니 따로 담아서 주신다고하셨으나 없었습니다. 5. 회덮밥 양념 굉장히 부족했습니다. 비벼지지 않음.. 6. 커틀러리 안챙겨주셔서 다시 돌아가서 받아왔습니다. 오래 기다린만큼 퀄리티가 나오지 않았습니다. 계속 조금만 더 기다려달라는 말 뿐 사과 한마디조차 듣지 못했습니다. 어지간해서는 참고 리뷰 남기지 않으나 굉장히 실망스럽습니다. 매장 방문해서 먹었을 때는 그럭저럭 괜찮았으나 이번 포장 주문은 이럴 수 있나 싶을 정도입니다. $70 이상 페이했으나 그 만한 값어치 전혀 없음. 한국 시골 시장 6000원짜리 통닭집도 이런식으로는 안할듯.. 앞으로 재방문 의사 전혀 없음. See less
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Does Mami U Mami Strathfield offer takeaway?

Yes, Mami U Mami Strathfield offers takeaway services. However we encourage you to call us first.

Where is Mami U Mami Strathfield located?

Its located at 27-33 Everton Rd, Strathfield NSW 2135, Australia

About Mami U Mami Strathfield

Korean restaurant

Contact Details

27-33 Everton Rd, Strathfield NSW 2135, Australia
+61 408 799 800
Opening Days
Mami U Mami Strathfield is open 7 days a week ( Sunday to Saturday). Please contact the business for actual opening hours.
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