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Fast food restaurant

Nicholls, ACT

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About McDonald's

Fast food restaurant

What people love
Fast food restaurant
Aria Atkins Apr 21, 2022
Most of the time the food isn’t too bad, however I’ve found that the staff tend to lack on checking the freshness/ quality of the food they are giving out. But overall a friendly bunch of kids doing well at their first jobs. See less
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Valerie Csivincsik Apr 08, 2022
Great indoor playground for all kids ages See less
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Abagail Bronstein Mar 31, 2022
Had a great meal today at Gold Creek. The server must of been new and was learning but he was very friendly. The bad part was the manager. I could not enjoy a quite meal as she screaming at her staff the whole time. Nothing positive came out of her mouth. One of the guys was helping my server put something through the till and she screamed at him as he was meant to be serving something out of drive through. She gave no compliments at all - all negative comments in a very loud raised voice. Tone it down manager - the staff will not respect you at all if all you do is scream at them for a full 40 mins. To the server and the young guy who helped him - well done on a great job . See less
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David O'Brien Mar 25, 2022
Always slow and poor quality, never thought to write a review and went to other Gungahlin McDonald's previously. Tonight though, the guy taking the order took over a minute to respond on the loud speaker (there was no one else there) and when we got to the pay window, HE SAT ON HIS PHONE for over 20 seconds, then when we got home with the food it was cold and stale. McDonald's slipping man. See less
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BEC M Mar 11, 2022
Meh. Sick of being parked when in drive thru and seeing how dirty the restaurant is looking in from the car. Last time we were there the inside of the restaurant was dirty too. Just expect better as we have received better service in the past. See less
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Punkmunkee Feb 17, 2022
Got some separate orders because I was delivering food to friends who are not able to leave their homes due to the pandemic. Tried to order through the app...all 3 of us made separate orders on our own apps and I went for the drive to mcdonalds gold Creek to get the food. When I arrived they informed me I could not have one of the orders so I said fine and bought the meal separately. The manager was friendly and I understood that because I didn't have the 3rd phone the app was on I couldn't get the 3rd order. When I got to the pick up window though I was spoken to disgustingly by the server because apparently I'm not allowed to have more than 2 things at mcdonalds and she felt it was my sin for ordering an extra small meal. She was condescending and spoke aggressively all while throwing my food out the window and to top it off serving food with no mask on. How disgusting! I've always had trouble with this store..from it being unclean, to food being undercooked or being forgotten in the waiting bay...twice. Never again...there's a reason I only go to the Charnwood mcdonalds...they are actually good at their jobs. See less
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Isobel Gordon Feb 12, 2022
No breakfast items available. Got the order wrong. The cleanliness is so bad I feel like I need a shower when I leave. Everything you touch is sticky and dirty. It's getting to the point it's soo disgusting I can't go in. Especially with Covid get your stores steam cleaned regularly. Your cleaning floors with a filthy mop and dirty water. Just layers of dirt on dirt. See less
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Karen Mieni Feb 09, 2022
Could use a clean, coffee machine is very dirty and drive through windows not attended. In store service appeared to be disjointed. See less
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David Savy Jan 15, 2022
Almost every time I order from them they mess up the burger. I order a triple cheeseburger and they give me a double cheeseburger in a triple cheeseburger box. The burger is only ever warm and the cheese is never melted. I'm not one to complain normally but they have done it out 7 of the 8 times I've order from them See less
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Courtney Lees (Courtney J) Jan 02, 2022
I guess there's cheese on it? I don't even know how this would happen.. So much for a chicken and cheese burger See less
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Ava Reed Jan 02, 2022
On my last trip to this store mind this was a few months ago there was one particular staff member in a blue shirt she was disrespectful rude and just plain awful she was yelling at her crew members the red shirts as a customer watching this happen I felt bad for the staff it was obvious this was a common occurrence and the stores management did nothing about it which leaves me wondering is this a safe place for employees to be working. On top of all of that the food was cold and the bun was somewhat wet the fries are always over or undercooked and the store overall doesn’t look clean. See less
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Alistair De Mamiel Dec 28, 2021
McDonald's, one of the world's most consistent food chains, and yet Gold Creek Maccas manages to be the only restaurant that consistently delivers astoundingly poor food, paired with below average service. Chips are usually burned and cold at the same time. Burgers put together by staff with their eyes closed, using their elbows instead of hands. Truly an unexplainable anomaly of sub par fast food that cant hold a candle to the already low standards expected from it. I wish I had four hands so I could give it four thumbs down. See less
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Ashleigh Maree Dec 09, 2021
We visited for McHappy Day and although the staff were under the pump with the celebrations and customer service they were still so kind to everyone and went out of their way to bring my daughter one of their balloons they had just pumped up. I had a great morning here having some hot cakes and a coffee while my daughter played on the new playground! See less
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The Truth Seeker Files Jun 04, 2021
Some days its good, some not so good. Its a prettu much a 50/50 whether or not I need to go back and get my coffee fixed. On the plus side you might get lucky and see spot the rooster in the drive through. I tried to catch it today but apparently it lives next door, was funny for the onlookers I'm sure! See less
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Playgrounds_ Canberra Mar 20, 2021
Visited on Saturday 20.03.2021 Clean playground Equipment and seating during visit. Was raining today but nothing is wet in this area (roof does a good job)! Private McDonald’s Playground Location - 2 O'Hanlon Pl, Nicholls ACT 2913 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Playground with safety fence to equipment. Outdoor under roof with tall glass fence. Fixed playground seating. • Attached small party room but closed currently for parties due to COVID Restrictions Playground Structure - plastic structure - domed windows - 2 plastic ledges from bottom to top floor - nods and crosses inside bottom cubby - steering wheel on top cubby with rail walls and high roof - pilots dome with 2 wheels and clear dome - plastic tunnel slide with ledge seat at top Sign for playground rules found on the wall. See less
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+ 10 reviews
+ 10 reviews
Does McDonald's offer takeaway?

Yes, McDonald's offers takeaway services. However we encourage you to call us first.

Where is McDonald's located?

Its located at 2 O'Hanlon Pl, Nicholls ACT 2913, Australia

About McDonald's

Fast food restaurant

2 O'Hanlon Pl, Nicholls ACT 2913, Australia
+61 2 6242 7627
Opening hours
  • Saturday: 5AM - 12AM
  • Sunday: 5AM - 12AM
  • Monday: 5AM - 12AM
  • Tuesday: 5AM - 12AM
  • Wednesday: 5AM - 12AM
  • Thursday: 5AM - 12AM
  • Friday: 5AM - 12AM
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