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McDonald's Kippax

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Fast food restaurant

Holt, ACT

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About McDonald's Kippax

Fast food restaurant

What people love
Fast food restaurant
James Apr 10, 2022
I'm not sure if I'm unlucky or if the service, product and "fast" in this food restaurant is getting consistently worse. I feel every time I go through drive through I have to wait in the parking g lot for my meal. The ice cream machine which I think is also the thickshake machine is routinely out of order ir if tiktok is correct always needing cleaning. With the amount of people complaining about this why won't McDonald's just but 2 and never have one out. The food has been given to me luke warm and in poor presentation. I will try again cause I do like a bigmac. See less
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Bill Perkovic Apr 02, 2022
There are some good McDonald's and some bad McDonald's, the service is not at a standard that we like or expect.. McDonald's in Kippax has improved its service and the customer service since the last time I ordered from there. If you still come to McDonald's in Kippax, the crew will do the best to have the right order for you. It is very friendly with families and they have an indoor playground for the children to play. They have healthy wholemeal wraps with can be made vegetarian as well. They have McCafe where you coffee is made by a trained barista. They also have cold drinks and ice cream too. Come down and meet the crew and order what you want. Your first order for today is Breakfast. Love ❤️ their Big Brekkie Burger 🍔 😋 with an cappuccino or MacCoffee. Drive through or come inside for your Breakfast. See less
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shoehorns1 Mar 26, 2022
When ordering through the drive through, make sure to check that they actually gave you all your food before you drive away - There's almost always something missing. Don't bother ordering any extras on burgers (such as extra pickles) as they probably won't even add them so you will be paying more for no reason. Fries are often cold and not properly filled, burgers are often falling apart and not wrapped properly. See less
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Kelly Shi Mar 24, 2022
Bless whoever gave me 13 nuggets in a 10 piece order. <3 See less
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Gokart 31 Mar 10, 2022
It's McDonald's, it isn't the best food ever BUT it's still... Kinda food! See less
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Natalie Ward Feb 18, 2022
The staff are always great! Friendly and fast! The food is always fresh! Chocolate thickshakes are just right! Not to weak and not too strong! The only bad thing is the menu through the drive thru doesn't list all the burgers. I guess mcdonalds have concentrated on making their advertisement on the screen a bit fancier forgetting people just want to see the menu. I had to ask the guy on the com what burgers do they have when it would have been quicker to see it on the screen. A little frustrating! See less
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Sancha Ochsner Jan 29, 2022
Do not always seem to know what is going on and seem to always have to wait in the bay when I go so have to allow extra time for that extra wait. Good food and usually friendly staff. Could use some more efficiently timed processes it seems as waiting for one item most times and usually coffee. See less
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aashish sapkota Jan 14, 2022
Wrost macdonald, don't go there, staffs are really rude and slowest for service. Look how they gave me donut, can you have a common sense don't over heat donut if you don't have unfrozen donut offer alternatives, but who cares just someone will get paid anyway. Well done macdonald, if someone wants to send feedback you need to fill 10 pages long form and they will reply you back like you want some free treat. See less
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Asad Ali Jan 09, 2022
mate you can simply tell me time you gonna take instead of being rude, your job is tough so is ours... hope you understand... See less
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Shona H Nov 18, 2021
Too busy. Drive through too slow/does not flow well, slow in store too. Standard McDonald's food, staff seem to work hard in a location that is cramped with not enough room to accommodate the amount of customers/drive through to serve 'fast' food in a timely manner See less
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Megan Richardson Nov 13, 2021
I did not have a good drive-through experience. I had ordered on the app which usually makes things easy, this time there were a lot of cars and I was stopped just short of the speaker thing. Finally I managed to pull forward and waited A car pulled into the other order point and was served before me, I waited and another car pulled forward and was again served ahead of me. Very frustrating to be ignored. Finally I was served. My sundaes were waiting at the window, already melting, My Angus burger was not ready so I had to drive around to the waiting bay, The burger was not well made, disappointing for a more expensive maccas burger, it fell apart as I ate it, had too much sauce , the salad was mostly on one half and the lettuce pretty much stalk. I don't think I will have maces for awhile and will probably go to a different store next time. See less
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angela b Jul 07, 2021
I actually though they got it right for a change. All burgers were in bag along with chips etc. But no! Spoke to guy at register when ordering. Assured me that both meat burgers would be made - no onion. Good thing my partner is not highly allergic to onions. See less
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Yoyo Jul 04, 2021
We never recive our full order and always have to park, go in and correct the mistakes after always waitingin the waiting bay. This time my hubby was in a rush to get the food home before it went cold as the chips are usually already cool to find a burger missing and the wrong drinks. I have tried to call a few times to give feedback but the phone just rings out. We will now never go back to this McDonald's and just go to the shopping Centre food court one as it's the best one in this area 😒 See less
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Bailey Mar 25, 2021
Last three times we've gone there we have paid extra for chocolate drizzle on the frappes, only to have the staff making them have no idea what that means and we never get it! On one occasion we sent them back three times and in the end just gave up. Happy to take your money for a bit of chocolate sauce but won't give it to you! See less
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Michael McRoberts Nov 11, 2017
Pretty much a standard McDonalds. Facilities were clean and modern. Reasonable levels of car parking. Small play area for the children. Overall not too bad. Only down side was it took 10 minutes to get two small packets of fries for the little ones... See less
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+ 10 reviews
+ 10 reviews
Does McDonald's Kippax offer takeaway?

Yes, McDonald's Kippax offers takeaway services. However we encourage you to call us first.

Where is McDonald's Kippax located?

Its located at 84 Hardwick Crescent (cnr, Starke St, Holt ACT 2615, Australia

About McDonald's Kippax

Fast food restaurant

84 Hardwick Crescent (cnr, Starke St, Holt ACT 2615, Australia
+61 2 6278 4247
Opening hours
  • Saturday: Open 24 hours -
  • Sunday: Open 24 hours -
  • Monday: Open 24 hours -
  • Tuesday: Open 24 hours -
  • Wednesday: Open 24 hours -
  • Thursday: Open 24 hours -
  • Friday: Open 24 hours -
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