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Okami (Braddon) - Japanese All You Can Eat

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Japanese restaurant

Braddon, ACT

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About Okami (Braddon) - Japanese All You Can Eat

Japanese restaurant

What people love
Japanese restaurant
Ella M Apr 20, 2022
The food here was delicious, it was very hot and fresh. The quality is absolutely great! I am writing this review because I have heard some people complain of the slow service. Whilst there is some slight delays, the servers are only human and also they were evidently understaffed. It is completely understandable that they weren't immediately able to service each table at any given moment. The staff were very polite and friendly despite how busy it was! Thank you for the great food! See less
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Anson Thai Apr 08, 2022
Great value for money. Food was very good and exceeded my expectations. Service was a little slow, but they got to us eventually See less
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Russell Dovey Mar 27, 2022
This was great! You will definitely become full of excellent Japanese food with their all you can eat for 40 bucks deal. Sushi, sashimi, tempura, octopus, beef in various ways, miso soup, and other stuff I forgot to ask the name of. Oh, and great ventilation! First time in a restaurant in years, and I felt quite covid safe. See less
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Ann Joy Mar 24, 2022
Me and my wife got into there at 8:52pm and greeting staff notified us that kitchen close at 9:00pm. I know it could be bothered for kitchen staff but she said it is still available so we got in. If she said that it was not available, I wouldn’t get in there. The reason why I am writing this down, I can’t make sure whether originally their food is awful or they served us horrible food on purpose it’s because we ordered just before kitchen closing. I ordered beef teriyaki don but beef teriyaki steak served instead. Wait staff said they can fix it to what i ordered but it was okay and i was truly fine with that at that time. But problem was terrible taste and display of it. Beef was not well seasoned, also it looks like sizzling chopped steak but beef sizes were all different cutting size. It seems like amateur cut it and of course it cooked that some big pieces are medium rare and small ones are well done like this. And my wife ordered pork katsu. Oh my god.. Surface of batter was a little bit burned but inside of batter that i guess flour and egg side was undercooked. That means they fried it only one time till cooked otherwise they used old oil. If they used old oil, it is very fast to change surface color of batter to be more darker. Then we don’t know inside is cooked or not. because color of surface seems like cooked well. Lastly, Sashimi.. It was worst. I ordered 12pcs sashimi which served with tuna and salmon and both are horrible. Sashimi it has to be cold or cool but it wasn’t at all and that’s why texture was really bad especially tuna it might be multiple times frozen and defrosted because texture of tuna was fragile like sponge. I know they are not high-end fine Japanese restaurant but it was not worth to pay for even though their prices are very cheaper. See less
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Morgan Thomas Mar 22, 2022
Excellent food, good portion sizes. Went as a group of two and would recommend ordering 3-4 dishes at a time as there is a small wait between dishes being served, especially when it is busy. Would recommend the sparkling sake if you enjoy sweet alcoholic drinks. See less
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Steve Jones Mar 18, 2022
Fantastic food, I was a bit unsure how 'all you can eat' Japanese would be, but these guys nailed it. Food was brought to your table after ordering, serving sizes were generous. Great variety of options. Highly recommended 👌 See less
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Qinger Liu Mar 11, 2022
I should have given 5 star because of the nice food and quick service, I gave only 3 star because one of the ladies was bit rude and very messy order taken process. We were told that it was the last order. Since they only offer one ice cream per customer, the lady went back to check what we have ordered. By the time she went, we haven’t taken our last order. Another lady came and we were told we can’t order any more food because we have already put the last order…. We told her we didn’t but then she said we have to go before 7.30pm…very rude... I like the quick service, but at least it should be fair for every customer to order food. See less
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louise jong dong Mar 06, 2022
Love this place. Love the concept, even tho it is all you can eat, you order & it gets made fresh & brought out to you 💖so it's not left out to dry & have who knows what germs contaminate like at other self-serve style all u can eat. Have recommended to so many ppl & been back several times already, and will go back again 🥰 Lots to choose from on the menu. If it's your 1st time & you have quite a few ppl, I recommend ordering 1 plate of what you all want so you can share & try first. Then you will know if you want to order more of it & know the portion size. My fav dish is the BEEF CARPACCIO, kids love the MISO BEEF, takoyaki (octopus balls), veg spring rolls.🤤 Can't go past the sushi & nigiri platters, but do wish they did an assorted sashimi only platter. Seafood tempura is good, light & crisp & comes with prawn, zucchini, sweet potato. & don't forget the Green Tea Taiyaki for dessert with ice cream. I usually always go for black sesame, but have tried the green tea ice cream which is a nice light & creamy flavour ie. Not an intense matcha flavour. Probably only a few dishes I haven't tried eg. The noodle dishes & rice, but everything else is generally pretty good or ok. The only thing with this style of service is that the staff do need to be more attentive with checking on tables & ensuring orders are being brought out. We have had to reorder several times, but were enjoying our conversations with each other so it didn't bother us too much. Not sure how it's set up, but perhaps staff need to be allocated sections & customers can be seated evenly between each section so it's more manageable. Nice decor, great location, & such a great price for adults ($38), ok for kids ($24 - there is an age range, but I can't remember). Not sure my kids eat enough for their value, but that's just my kids 😜 & I understand they need to cover costs for all types of eaters in the different age ranges. The last thing I'll comment on is that there is a door out to the Foyer to go to the building toilet. It used to be open, but last couple of times has been blocked off, so you have to go outside then back into the building through another entrance to go to the toilet. It's not that big of a deal, just inconvenient & a bit weird you have to go around. Just make sure if you have little kids that they don't wait until they're busting 😅 Thanks Okami Braddon! Will see you again in the not too distant future I'm sure 😊 See less
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Shondy Anderson Feb 20, 2022
Food is really good! Very Yum! But service is very patchy. Been here 3 times, and always bad service. So if you are after good Japanese but are prepared to wait a long time for it (and maybe not get it) this is for you. Latest time we came here we watched 3 tables arrive after us, be served, and fed and some even got their entire experience and finished, before we even got our drinks delivered 😣. Four waitresses came to “re-take” our order after we asked, an order that we had already placed, so we had to repeat again, yep 4 times!!! No joke! Do not come here with hungry kids - the wait will not suit them, therefore whole experience will be unpleasant. Then to be told we had met our time limit (after 3/4 of that time spent waiting due to their lack of service was the real clincher.) Don’t get me wrong, the staff are pleasant! Just hopeless. Which is unfortunate. This place had great potential. 🙁 See less
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Tanya Chaophrasy Jan 28, 2022
Service was not great. I wanted to treat myself, so and I feel like when you are by yourself, you are much more attentive to service. I never write reviews but I think it’s just so noticeable when service doesn’t make you feel warm and welcoming but more so stressed. Wished waiters were more attentive and confident in their work and speaking, it was like it was everybody on the floor’s first ever shift. It took a few minutes for the staff to notice me even though it wasn’t busy at all. I ordered a takeaway and changed my mind to make it a dine in because it would have been more convenient given the wait time. I communicated this to staff too but no attention was given. They sat me down, by that time had already I told them that I had already ordered a takeaway and that I wanted to eat in; although I had to say it again. After i got settled, they told me to sit outside because I wanted to eat in my takeaway order which I would have understood if my food was nearly ready but keep in mind the wait for my food was estimated for another twenty minutes. so I moved with my water, them bringing a soy sauce dispenser to a clear table. My opinion was that this was to eat my takeaway food which they did not want to make as dine in? No when it arrived it, they gave it to me like I was picking up food. All tied up in a plastic bag, no cutlery, takeaway condiments. Additionally, when I went to double check, they got the order wrong and did not provide the spicy sauce with the spicy salmon. Remembering the unwelcoming environment, did not want to come back and correct it. Was really excited about trying this new restaurant and looking for a place for my go to sushi near my house. Food was okay. See less
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freya m Jan 26, 2022
This place is great! The range of food and flavours is top tier. The system is great and works well, food comes quickly and is well prepared. I’d like to thank our waitress Ida, very professional and efficient. See less
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Rachel Lu Jan 23, 2022
Was so excited to try this place, the service was very nice but I did have an upset stomach and felt so sick the day after. :( do not recommend unfortunately See less
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Laurence Greaves (Laurie) Dec 18, 2021
Food is really good I forgot to take many photos, and I like the concept. The service was very average. It was very hard to flag down a waiter to order any food. See less
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Luke Wheatley Dec 09, 2021
This place was amazing, the booking process was easy, on entering we were promptly seated. Food came fast, was fresh hot and oh so tasty. everyone loved it. Portions sizes were generous. Staff were friendly, polite and welcoming. I am definitely going back and recommend every try this place. See less
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diwakar subedi Dec 07, 2021
Love the food there, a lot of options to choose from. Beef dishes are must try, highly recommonded! Staff are also very friendly and helpful. See less
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+ 10 reviews
+ 10 reviews
Does Okami (Braddon) - Japanese All You Can Eat offer takeaway?

Yes, Okami (Braddon) - Japanese All You Can Eat offers takeaway services. However we encourage you to call us first.

Where is Okami (Braddon) - Japanese All You Can Eat located?

Its located at Shop 137 & 138/24 Lonsdale St, Braddon ACT 2612, Australia

About Okami (Braddon) - Japanese All You Can Eat

Japanese restaurant

Shop 137 & 138/24 Lonsdale St, Braddon ACT 2612, Australia
+61 2 6147 6799
Opening hours
  • Sunday: 12 - 3PM, 5
  • Monday: 5:30 - 10PM
  • Tuesday: Closed
  • Wednesday: 5:30 - 10PM
  • Thursday: 5:30 - 10PM
  • Friday: 5 - 11PM
  • Saturday: 5 - 11PM
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