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Okami (Mawson) - Japanese All You Can Eat

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Japanese restaurant

Mawson, ACT

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About Okami (Mawson) - Japanese All You Can Eat

Japanese restaurant

What people love
Japanese restaurant
Warrick Howieson Apr 05, 2022
Had a great meal. Friendly prompt service. Neat all you can eat concept where you just order from the menu. Food was great. A good variety too. A place I'd happily go back to See less
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LINUSTUDIO Mar 23, 2022
Nice food and service. Will definitely come back again. Hopefully there will be more sashimi choices on the ALL YOU CAN EAT menu. See less
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Lisa Kelly Mar 22, 2022
Friends invited us to join them for dinner here and when I heard "all you can eat" menu I have to say I went in with mixed emotions. I can honestly say the whole experience was wonderful. The food was delicious, the staff were so friendly and the service was excellent. The food kept coming out quickly and perfectly timed. We went to the early service and did not feel rushed at all. This restaurant is excellent value and more importantly the food is fantastic. We left there happy, full and looking forward to returning. An unexpected delight! See less
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Crystal Rodman Feb 24, 2022
Food was great and came out super fast. I had read the reviews and went in without expectations. The reviews do not do it justice, was awesome. Highly recommended 👌 See less
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Hptvdgirl Feb 18, 2022
Not impressed, I have been here twice and both times their have been major delays with food. On the second trip we had to order the same things 4 times because the people behind us kept on taking our food and the employees just kept letting them even though they didn’t order anything so they kept on getting our food and then we would reorder and they’d do it again. Not impressed it is not that hard to figure out which table. Even though the food is good when it is not served for 30 minutes it completely ruins the cycle of digestion See less
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Linda Nicholson Jan 13, 2022
Mixed feelings. Having all you can eat reminds me of how much waste happens and legally you can't take any leftovers home. Be sure to ask for serving spoons etc so that people aren't double dipping their utensils in the dishes, unless you are there with your family and don't care about covid. The food was tasty. Won't go back though, can't handle the waste. I think lots of people will like the options and enjoy the experience. See less
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Dani Jiménez Jan 06, 2022
We went on Saturday 1st of January public holiday, booking at 19:45, what we were given. Only 4 tables with people including us, but all tables next to each other we couldn't use a different table. Everything was going allright, till the kitchen closed at 21.25, withouth any notice so we couldn't order anything else. We let the staff members know, they tried to fix it with just a simple sorry, sorry didn't fix anything for us. We were given the bill at full price even with public holiday surcharge which it was $21, considering we didn't order everything we wanted as the kitchen was closed with no notice. I found that disgusting, that was the fourth time for us as my 2 kids love it, unfortunately won't be a next one. See less
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Wai Wai Cool Football Dec 28, 2021
Went to the Okami at Wagga Wagga. It was a bigger restaurant and full on the night. We had a great experience with staff coming back to see if we wanted more food. Here in Mawson A.C.T was a lot different and I was warn about the service but I wanted to see if it was as bad as what people say. With that in mind I order as much as I can the first time round plus double servings. The staff never return to ask if we wanted anymore and the table behind us try to make another order only being told "kitchen said is too busy so they are not taking anymore orders". Never the less I finally got a staff to order some ice cream hoping they were not too busy for that as well. My overall experience, the food wasn't the issue as I expect the quality from large volumes like buffets but the service or the lack of staffs! It cannot be call all you can eat if is control by returning staffs that doesn't return because they are too busy!! I also understood if the kitchen have to cook each individual orders in a buffet system will never work. Maybe is the business model!!! I am dissapointed as my expectation was not that high but the least they could do is honour there advertising "All you can eat" & "Buffet". I can get better service and food quality in an normal Japanese restaurant. See less
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Claire Osa Nov 22, 2021
The food was amazing. My favourite was the aged tofu, and I don’t usually eat tofu. But at the end Okami has such a friendly service, that’s why I rate it a four. See less
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Eiji Wakamatsu Jul 29, 2021
*** Update *** 2/5 stars Second visit a Okami was not very good. This restaurant is inconsistent and is all they decide you can eat. We ordered a variety of food and which included a request for enough sushi to share between our table. The food arrived at varying intervals but only 1 tiny plate of sushi arrived. It was not enough to share between the table. The squid was also half the size and various other dishes were small. We requested for more food, advising them the portion was too small and to double the small dishes. Again food was brought out at varying intervals, a pathetic amount of food arrived. After waiting a long time for our order to arrival, they called last orders. We still had not received our food. I would not recommend this restaurant if you would like to make a choice on the food you receive. It is not a all you can eat restaurant. *** Original post *** 4/5 stars I didn't read any info about this place before going. The all you can eat sessions are set restaurant wide, so you all enter at the same time. The food came out at a good rate surprisingly. Quantity was good. Quality was okay, easy dish did vary in flavour though. Not traditional Japanese, some tasted very pre prapared/frozen. I would recommend against the prawn tempura. Sushi was good. There was very few tuna pieces and there were also of filler sushi maki, which just makes you full. It is a good place if you eat alot, probably not the best value if you don't eat much. See less
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Shena D Jul 26, 2021
Food is just 3 Stars. 4th star is to acknowledge the friendly, accommodating, lovely staff who served us. Note that there is no dividing of payment and there is 1.5% surcharge on ALL cards including debit cards. You would think in these covid days the restaurant would negotiate with credit card company to relax the surcharge requirement, but No!!! Food was on the whole ok. Not really Japanese taste but good enough for an evening out with family or/and friends who love sushi and sashimi. Definitely don't try the following as they were MORE than disappointing: • Miso soup - totally non Japanese taste and watery • Cold soba noodles - overcooked and soggy with strange whitish sauce • Yakkinikku - unbelievable! So bland as if they forgot to marinade the sliced meat • Shumai - just meh 😒 can eat, nothing special The great thing about the whole experience: the wonderful staff - they were friendly, obliging with requests and advice on how to order for the ALL-You-Can-Eat. I forgot to ask my waitress' name! She was awesome! Good experience but I would not go again. 🙃 Oh, though we were 2nd in the queue, after being told to wait outside in the freaking cold (it was about 6C with biting wind in our faces) the same reception wait staff allowed the 3rd group (nonAsians) to stand inside. Not discrimination much ... 🤔 ... in Canberra? See less
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Drew Cooper Jul 22, 2021
The food is fresh and tastes great. Heap to choose from and so many different flavours. The service is great, staff are more than happy to help you and delivery is quick. The table spacing is really well layed out and when it is full it is not loud and there is no echo so you can talk to each other with out yelling. Thanks heaps. See less
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Jae Hwa Park Jul 18, 2021
Okami offer different style of buffet compare with the usual buffet. They do cook to order and have a good customer service. The food quality was okay, I guess just like any buffet place it is all about quantity over quality. Make sure you arrived early and order before things run out. See less
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Russ Thomas Jul 06, 2021
Great experience. Attentive staff, very quick service; sure, the sushi isn't mind-blowing but the quality is still really good. We had a great time and the value for money is second to none when it comes to Japanese food in Canberra. Well worth a visit. See less
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Tobi Li Jun 06, 2021
Finally the first Okami in Canberra! Service was quite good!They are all friendly and helpful! Food on the other hand is quite ordinary ❌Not recommend from myself:Seafood Tempura,takoyaki and Teriyaki chicken skewer ⭕️Recommend:Beef Yakiniku ❌Not recommend from my partner:Seafood Tempura and beef carpaccio ⭕️Recommend:Seasame ice cream and Ganmaicha(kind of tea,hes first time trying it) See less
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+ 10 reviews
+ 10 reviews
Does Okami (Mawson) - Japanese All You Can Eat offer takeaway?

Yes, Okami (Mawson) - Japanese All You Can Eat offers takeaway services. However we encourage you to call us first.

Where is Okami (Mawson) - Japanese All You Can Eat located?

Its located at Ground Floor, 8 Mawson Pl, Mawson ACT 2607, Australia

About Okami (Mawson) - Japanese All You Can Eat

Japanese restaurant

Ground Floor, 8 Mawson Pl, Mawson ACT 2607, Australia
+61 2 6286 2397
Opening hours
  • Saturday: 5 - 11PM
  • Sunday: 12 - 3PM, 5
  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 5:30 - 10PM
  • Wednesday: 5:30 - 10PM
  • Thursday: 5:30 - 10PM
  • Friday: 5 - 11PM
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