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OTIS Dining Hall

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Kingston, ACT

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About OTIS Dining Hall


What people love
Anneka Losik Apr 10, 2022
Phenomenal food and exceptional service from the staff. I had the 8 course Degustation with local wines, and each course was divine. As each wine is served there is a fascinating explanation of why that wine was chosen, and each complemented the dishes wonderfully. The staff are very helpful, but not intrusive, and were all a delight to deal with. The pepper steak was an absolute highlight. I highly recommend a visit! See less
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William Apr 07, 2022
It was such a pleasant surprise to find some unique and creative dishes at Otis! We opted in for the 5 course Chef's menu, and would definitely dine here again. The pace of the service was inconsistent, but the servers were professional and friendly. See less
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Cheyne Jones Mar 05, 2022
The best steak I have ever had in my life. Sat at the bar and had the chef’s selection degustation paired with the local Canberra wines. The ambience at the bar was great. I cannot recommend this restaurant enough. Food, atmosphere, service; all fantastic. I’m not traditionally a wine drinker, however the sommelier was incredible and the stories of the wine and descriptions of why they were paired with the food was interesting and I walked away with a desire to learn more about and enjoy wine more in the future. See less
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Alan Ng Feb 25, 2022
It’s a 4.5 stars rounded up to 5 stars. The service was 5 stars and food was 4 stars. We had the chef’s menu at $135 per head and most of the things were delicious, but we were not a fan of the ravioli due to personal taste. It has goat cheese as well as some herbs that taste like aniseed to me, neither of which we liked but something we should have noticed ourselves earlier. The staff was kind enough to provide with another dessert to compensate for the ravioli, which we should have mentioned earlier. We were slightly perplexed about the lack of cutlery for the complimentary appetiser, and was told that’s a finger food. Before Covid I would be a bit embarrassed to ask the question, but now I thought it would be better to provide us with the cutlery when we ask for it. Still 5 stars service overall though. See less
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Geoff Douglas Feb 14, 2022
On the night I went to Otis Dining Hall in Kingston ACT with two other friends I can say that the dining room, its décor and ambience was excellent. The food was also very good. The Sommelier deserves a call out for excellence in both knowledge and good service. Sadly on that particular night, that is where the good news ended. Unfortunately, the dining room service was very poor on the night. I expect that restaurants find it hard to get good and experienced staff in a COVID environment, so I think that must be understood. I am not making these remarks to tear them down. Who would want to be in Food and Beverage business at this time. They may have done their best on the night (and maybe were short staffed) but the poor front of house service did colour our experience that evening. Capturing the waiter's attention so we can place an order after sitting at the table for 30 minutes is not the job of the patron who is paying $150/head ($150/head incl wine is very fair price for a place like this). Amuse Bouche arrives 35 minutes after being seated, when the waiter was finally captured and saw our plight. We had a two hour booking (which was not enforced), but we were anxious it would be and we were already 25% into our time, yet had not yet spoken to a waiter. The food came through quite OK after that and was delicious, interesting and good. Unfortunately it was not delivered in a fine dining manner (plates plonked, rushed description, and then the waiter dashes off). We were left bemused but tried to understand the difficulties of running a restaurant when staffing may be a challenge. But then at the end of the meal when we ordered coffee, we were informed that the coffee machine wasn't working. Apparently this fine dining restaurant couldn't provide coffee in any form. Not even freeze dried Blend 42. The waiter's solution was that we could get coffee at McDonald's down the road. We looked at each other in horror. Did we really just hear that? I think OTIS had a bad night, at least I hope so. Food 8/10, service 2/10. Worth another try I reckon. If they can fix the service, the this is a great place indeed. Who would want to run a restaurant in COVID times. I wish them well. See less
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Klarisse Gayle Ismael- Rodriguez Jan 26, 2022
Old rustic charm. Semi formal ambiance. Good food but not exceptional. For its price, we definitely had better. We are not a fan of the "famous" pepper steak for it is relying its whole flavour on its sauce and the meat is dry. The sauce outshines the meat. Appetizers and pasta didn't disappoint but not the type of restaurant to come back to again and again for special occassions. Good to try once. See less
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Raymond Verth Jan 22, 2022
We came across this restaurant when out walking and took a chance as it looked inviting. We were astonished by the fabulous quality of the food and wine - by far the best we have experienced in Canberra and perhaps in the top 5 throughout the ACT and NSW. The staff were attentive but not over the top and the food superb. The wine list extensive and great advice given to help our selection. Highly recommended. See less
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judy l weekes Dec 15, 2021
Really enjoyed my dining experience here. A casual outing mixed with fine dining. Wonderful venue, formal but friendly staff. The food is an amazing fusion of flavours complimented by local wines. Highly recommend to try at least once. See less
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Mr “TH3 B3ST ON3” C Dec 11, 2021
Wow! Where do I start with my account of dining here? Let's start with the first things you'll encounter: the environment and staff. The restaurant is quite unassuming from the outside but welcoming, but also its exterior belies the dining experience ahead of you. Inside, the restaurant has hues of brown and other earthy colours that are bathed in soft warm lighting that creates an intimate and welcoming environment. Tables are arranged to give diners a sense of separation from one another, and is very welcome in an age where some restaurants put customer quantity before their dining privacy. The staff compliment the restaurant and are extremely friendly, helpful and attentive. They are also well presented which all adds to the impression you're going to have a superior dining experience. Which is exactly what you get. The food here is next level, and cooked to perfection. Everything I devoured was sublime and plentiful. Flavours and tastes supported each other rather than competed or overpowered one another. The texture of my food was also noteworthy. Nothing was over or under cooked. Meats weren't chewy, vegetables weren't soft, fish wasn't pulpy and salads hadn't wilted. Sauces were warm and zesty and helped carry the flavours of the dishes I ate. The presentation of the dishes that adorned my table were top drawer too. A real treat for the eyes. Plates weren't overcrowded with food, likewise the food wasn't dwarfed by the plates either. Signature dishes were worthy of their reputation and clearly demonstrated the abilities of the kitchen staff, as did the non-signature dishes. I must also mention the thought and effort that went into my wife's vegan menu / dishes. They didn't feel like, or taste like, an afterthought or a poor cousin of the main menu. The food that was served to my wife was original and a delight to eat. In fact, the vegan dishes I tasted should be a choice on the main menu so more people can enjoy their brilliance. There is a marvellous balance and synergy to the food at OTIS, but not just with the flavours. The whole place informs you there is a real treat awaiting you. The mood, the decor, the staff, the beverage list and food are all important parts of one marvellous package. If you live in, or are just visiting, Canberra get yourself to OTIS for a dining experience no amount of hyperbole can do justice too. See less
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Lauren James Nov 30, 2021
The 3 course a la carte was unfortunately hit and miss given the standard I was expecting. My friend and I loved our entrees, the mains were solid but the chef selected sides made no sense - the strongly nori flavoured potato dish clashed terribly with the pepper steak. Desserts were disappointing, as the caramel of the signature creme caramel was taken too far to be bitter, and my pannacotta quite firmly set despite good flavours. In terms of service, our waitress was brilliant but one of the runners repeatedly ran into my chair as she raced around unnecessarily. See less
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Jaesen Jones Nov 05, 2021
Ah, Otis, we've missed you! Great to be back. As always, the menu is devine. Everyone needs to experience Otis at least once! Special shout out to our server Georgie and sommelier (Dave?). A great night. See less
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saggit eightyfour Aug 09, 2021
After much hemming and hawing, I've decided to give Otis a 5 because of their impeccable service. The 3 course meal is expensive, but they make up for this with large sides. I had a chef's appetiser, entree, wagyu main ( plus a salad and 2 potato dishes) and dessert for $90. Food: I would give it a 4/5, because it's traditional European style cooking. Although the food was good, it's just not my thing. For example, the scallop entree came with a thick creamy sauce at the bottom. It was nice tasting and filling, but just not what I prefer. The scallops themselves were big and juicy and perfectly cooked, the apple puree on top was equally nice. The ubiquitous puffed rice seen at all restaurants made another appearance in this dish. The salmon sashimi dish was probably the most favourite of mine. A pretty dish with a large number of ingredients (salmon, caviar, daikon, segmented citrus, carrot purée, white sauce, green sauce, microherbs. The devil's in the details, for example the carrot purée had a hint of fresh ginger. The crème caramel was exquisite, it was very soft and silky. It came with a whiskey topping, which made it taste rather burnt. A nice hint of smokiness is good, this was too much for me as I'm not a whiskey person. I tasted it the next day and the alcohol must have evaporated, which made it much more pleasant. ( Yes they give takeaway!). The pepper steak itself was amazing!! Tender, juicy, beautiful topping. The sauce was normal gravy mixed with marmite. Remember Bovril? Me neither. They were a bit heavy handed with a big salty pool on the plate. I can see other pics of their signature dish which contain less sauce, and a lighter colour too. So maybe mine was overly saucy. Final thoughts: Our waitress was very lovely and patiently explained the menu. The chef tried to accommodate our special dietary wishes as much as possible. They could do with wiping down the placemats between main and dessert. The bathroom also needs a complete reno. Although it's a two hatted restaurant, there's a shortfall when you compare it to other two hatted places. ( Unfortunately the only other 2 hatted place I can think of is Aubergine). Can recommend for a special occasion or if you're a foodie. If you like meat, spuds and butter but bougee, this is the place for you. See less
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Phil Devine Jun 04, 2021
Wonderful service by all staff. Sommelier really cares and it shines through. I ate the winter truffle degustation and it was phenomenal! Each course was impeccably presented and the flavours were delicately balanced for full enjoyment. The wine pairings really worked! Hard to fault this Canberra gem! Well done. Definitely worth a visit! I’ll be back! 5 stars! See less
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Kerry Pronk Apr 17, 2021
Super delicious tasting menu. Some of the vegan options were better than the standard ones according to my partner. Great service, nice atmosphere. Only tiny improvements could be to watch for empty glasses and offer more wine and the room looked a bit grubby. Mirrors could do with a polish, many light bulbs were out. Highly recommend for a delicious dinner. See less
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Tara H Dec 11, 2020
Delicious food. Octopus entree was one of the best octopus dishes i have ever eaten. Lamb rump was perfect! Service was overly eager and a little disruptive tonight, however overheard that there were a lot of new staff on the floor. See less
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+ 10 reviews
+ 10 reviews
Does OTIS Dining Hall offer takeaway?

Yes, OTIS Dining Hall offers takeaway services. However we encourage you to call us first.

Where is OTIS Dining Hall located?

Its located at 29 Jardine St, Kingston ACT 2604, Australia

About OTIS Dining Hall


29 Jardine St, Kingston ACT 2604, Australia
+61 2 6260 6066
Opening hours
  • Sunday: 6PM - 12AM
  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: Closed
  • Wednesday: 6PM - 12AM
  • Thursday: 6PM - 12AM
  • Friday: 6PM - 12AM
  • Saturday: 6PM - 12AM
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