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Ramen O

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Ramen restaurant

Belconnen, ACT

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About Ramen O

Ramen restaurant

What people love
Ramen restaurant
Brandon Muir Apr 26, 2022
Best Ramen in Canberra, can't wait to go back! Pork melts in your mouth. See less
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Benjamin Huang Apr 17, 2022
Came here with the gf for lunch and had the Deluxe Yuzu Tonkotsu Ramen and Deluxe Spicy Ramen. The service was great, portion was decent for the price in Canberra. The char ciu pork were excellent. They were mostly tender, flavourful and had that melt in your mouth feel with the fatty bits. The eggs were very nicely done. The tonkotsu broth base was good but didn't have as much mouth feel as i'd like (probably more extraction required). The yuzu aromatic was too strong and salty in my opinion (milder would have been nicer). The spicy ramen had a nice earthy miso flavour although it was too spicy for my taste but the gf enjoyed it. 20220417: I recently returned and tried the Ramen OMG/WOW. The broth was also good and so were the toppings. My only complaint was similar to the first time. The broth is incredibly flavourful as you start but it cumulatively gets to the point of too strong/salty for me towards the end. That being said, I will return again... See less
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ZhiBin Wang Mar 08, 2022
I will give it 4 stars for the taste. It is delicious but the improve thing is the dish is really small. I remember in ramen restaurant in Japan, they will have option to add one more noodles in one dish, but here only can order one more dish. Hope in the future, add one more noodle can add on each Ramen dish. See less
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Luna H Mar 04, 2022
Ramen O really has the best ramen in Canberra! We wait for a little while at our first visit but this time we didn’t wait at all. Having said that its totally worth the wait. We ordered the Ramen Wow again as we enjoyed it so much last time - very tasty charsiu, super rich broth and perfectly cooked noodles! We also tried the Yuzu Tonkotsu Ramen this time and was so impressed with the flavoursome broth too! Pork gyoza was also delicious! See less
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Kim Ye Feb 20, 2022
Popular ramen joint in Belconnen. For me the broth was very heavy and oily. Noodles, toppings and charsiu otherwise very tasty. Worth a try for Japanese ramen lovers. See less
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Queyn Lisl Feb 02, 2022
Boy am I glad we went out of the way to visit this place! Well worth the drive (and wait - though admittedly it wasn't too long). The ramen is absolute perfection. Some of the waitstaff could do with better training - e.g. repeating orders back to customers, stating the total bill (the square pay unit doesn't display it at all, so you can't use that sum as an indicator as to whether they've got your order tally right) and cleaning up spills promptly, especially the water dispenser near the door which tends to drip. But there's a reason why they're popular, and it's the ramen. There's a reason people are lining up the door up an unassuming flight of stairs in a typically quiet pocket in Belconnen - it's because their ramen is just that good! Would be a much much better experience if their training was amped up just that little bit. Thanks for a great night out Ramen O. See less
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Benjamin Jan 22, 2022
The best Ramen in Canberra. Very fast service. I had Ramen Wow and Deluxe Spice Ramen See less
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Neil Oerlemans Jan 07, 2022
Actually pretty quick service despite rumours of a long wait to seat time. Had the $23 Ramen with egg. Pork was grilled nicely. The broth was the most surprising, creamy with what was either pork fat or sesame oil. Very good. My only regret was that o couldn't finish eating. Portion sizes were beyond my stomachs capacity. See less
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Saira A Dec 07, 2021
Really good ramen here. The spicy ramen is definitely a favourite and the portion is quite big for one. If you like a lighter and refreshing soup try the Yuzu ramen. See less
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Lilios Nov 24, 2021
Ramen wow, was WOW indeed! Give this place a go and you won’t be disappointed :) Consistent quality and service. The portion was just right, the broth was incredibly rich and flavoursome. You can tell they’ve really mastered the char siu, it’s delicious! See less
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Richard Bersinic Nov 07, 2021
This was my first experience of Ramen O. It is quite a small place and gets busy at meal times. The staff were all very friendly and the Ramen was nice. Although the bowl was quite large, I thought $23 (ramen wow dish) was quite expensive for a bowl of Ramen. See less
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saggit eightyfour Aug 11, 2021
Another "hidden" Canberra destination. It's located near 54 Benjamin, but you have to go up the stairs. There's usually a queue outside but it moves very quickly. I had the Ramen Wow. A thoroughly satisfying dish full of porky goodness. There are 3 large pork pieces, which is more than enough. There are super tender and ever so slightly gelatinous. Amazing. The pork broth itself was good, but very salty for me. So I didn't really drink it. The noodles were long and thin, and very tasty. Unsure if handmade or not, but they tasted great! See less
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Capital Food Adventure Apr 26, 2021
Update - 2021 - Ramen flavour is still consistent and authentic. Best tonkotsu broth in Canberra. Looking for Authentic Ramen? This is the place to try, but with amazing flavours come great responsibilities. We tried the Ramen Wow and the Yuzu Tonkotsu Ramen. The Ramen Wow had a rich and deep flavour, perfectly seasoned topped with all of our favourites including: pork chashu, a steeped egg and a sheet of nori. The Yuzu Tonkotsu had similar elements as the ramen wow, but also included yuzu. Yuzu is an east asian citrus fruit - has similar flavours to a lime, but the aroma is much more mild. This fragrant bowl of noodles was absolutely delicious! 0 Ramen O probably has one of the best broths in Canberra, but people need to be mindful of their in-store capacity and Ramen dining etiquette. Ramen is a dish that is made to be eaten quickly. As much as it is an experience eating at a legit ramen joint, these are meant to be fast turnover. There’s no lingering around or staying around to chit chat. You come to eat and so once your bowl is delivered, you chow down. Once you’re done, you get up and go. The main reason is because of the limited spacing and often large queues outside so you have to keep the business moving. Ramen is also something you need to enjoy ASAP so there’s no time to waste. Be sure to follow us on your fav social media platform for more Capital Food Adventures! See less
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Joe “Spark” IT Apr 23, 2021
Amazing Ramen! Best in Canberra by far. Full flavour Kyushu style ramen with massive chunks of super tender Char Ciu (pork belly). For me, it brings memories of traveling around Japan, stopping into small Ramen shops where the chef didnt speak english and you had to to order from a strange ticketing machine... but the food.... amazing. By contrast, the Ramen here is just as good, atmosphere is welcoming and the staff are super friendly :). So glad to have this as part of the Canberra food scene. See less
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Tom Courtney Mar 23, 2021
Terrific Ramen! There are only a handful of places in Canberra that can make a really good Ramen and this is definitely in the top 2. Generous serving, the broth is packed with flavour, and the pork in the Ramen Wow had an excellent texture and flavour. There can be a queue to get in but it is worth it if you love your Ramen. If they had another shop in the Weston or Woden area I would be quite poor because I'd practically live there. See less
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+ 10 reviews
+ 10 reviews
Does Ramen O offer takeaway?

Yes, Ramen O offers takeaway services. However we encourage you to call us first.

Where is Ramen O located?

Its located at 1F/54 Benjamin Way, Belconnen ACT 2617, Australia

About Ramen O

Ramen restaurant

1F/54 Benjamin Way, Belconnen ACT 2617, Australia
Opening hours
  • Sunday: Closed
  • Monday: 11:30AM - 1:30PM, 5:30
  • Tuesday: 11:30AM - 1:30PM, 5:30
  • Wednesday: 11:30AM - 1:30PM, 5:30
  • Thursday: 11:30AM - 1:30PM, 5:30
  • Friday: 11:30AM - 1:30PM, 5:30
  • Saturday: 5 - 8PM
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