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Sushi Musa

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Sushi restaurant

Phillip, ACT

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About Sushi Musa

Sushi restaurant

What people love
Sushi restaurant
Gerald Mak Apr 09, 2022
Was told by the waitress that we couldn't order salmon nigiri as the store had run out of salmon. Which would've been fine if not for the abundance of salmon staring at us from across the conveyer belt... 🤷 See less
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Llewelyn Delahaye Mar 06, 2022
Amazing high quality sushi. Made fresh right in front of you. Beats the sushi places in the food court across the road by a landslide. See less
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White Crow Feb 16, 2022
First of all, I love the food here. I’ve been regular here for last 3 years. Every time i feel so smashed i stop bg here have some udon and sushis. Pretty sure half of the staff become familiar with me. But today I came with my family, which is not really common. Omg the new girl (pretty sure she is new) first she disappeared for awhile i got impatient and asked the sushi maker (chefs?) some udons. She came to straight after I ordered saying “Why did you order there. You should tell me what you order. I have to write it on the paper” Girl, fine sorry for being impatient and ordered through different ppl but you need to be at least polite. I am customer, i dont mean staffs need to be obedient and do whatever customer says but have some respect or be polite towards customers. Then after awhile when my udons came she handed me the paper (the one she wrote 2 udon) just threw in front of me saying “Here, u need this dont lose it” WHATTT??? Also when she was walking around and around the takeaways were ready waiting for her to pick up. She was too lazy to move to the other side and get it just ordered the chefs “Dont put it there put in a front” and there were no space they cant put it on the train so thy put on cooler and she was like “I cant reach give it to me” Girl like no. Big no, if you dont respect your customers its fine I understand some customers can be hard but BE RESPECTFUL TO YOUR CHEFS they are not someone who can be ordered around and scolded by YOU. I am so disappointed today. I love the restaurant, environment, food and staffs but SHE no like big no. Why did you guys even hire here she just drags your restaurant’s name all over the floor. So disappointing See less
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nicholas perry Jan 21, 2022
Nice food easy and quick. Food was fresh and prepared in front of customers . My first sushi train will definitely be back again See less
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Louisa Wiwin Jan 09, 2022
Overall it was okay. The kids said the sushi was a bit tasteless, but maybe because they are so accustom to sushi hub (their sushi rice a bit sweet). Only one reminder for those who order take away, please check your order. They made a mistake in my baby roll sushi box. Ordered tuna only, it came as a normal package (with cucumber and avocado). My own mistake for not checking the box when I received it. See less
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Juan del Busto Dec 03, 2021
Avoid - Terrible customer service and food is not tasty. Tried to express discontent with one of the dishes and just got ignored, just wanted to charge me. Don’t see it as value for money - again; avoid. See less
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Harry Wade Nov 22, 2021
Amazing tasting good prepared right infront of your eyes. Kitchen looking remarkably clean even though they were really busy. See less
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Gulsah Cetin Nov 17, 2021
I've ordered ramen soup. There was hardly any ingredients or juice. It was with plenty of noodles. Also taste was like instant noodles. You should stick to sushi. Don't put on your menu if you cannot make it properly. Cheers See less
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Tiana Alchin Nov 02, 2021
The sushi as always was amazing!! But one of the waitresses constantly yelled and talked over customers and distracted employees, she didn't do anything but talk and even put her phone on the rotating sushi train. This is so unhygienic and absolutely appalling. She then proceeded to take out her long hair and sit in the middle of the cooks area and drink a McDonald's drink in full view of customers. She was extremely unprofessional, disgusting, unhygienic, and did absolutely no work in the entire hour and a half i was there. The sheer volume of her conversations made it impossible to hear anything over it. She distracted the cooks. I am absolutely appalled if this is the standard they hold their staff, i can only imagine the quality of the food. I am surprised i haven't gotten food poisoning or a hair or 6 in my sushi. And putting a phone where food is?? Absolutely repulsive. See less
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Chunjiao Tao Oct 31, 2021
I was bullied by Sushi Musa staff, please see below what I have experienced. Sushi Musa owner replied that it was investigated and bully was caused by me asking too many questions. I talked to the staff who was deep frying"Wow lots good frying! When is your shop open? I will buy some rolls." Then the female staff came over rudely told me that "the shop is not open yet, wait somewhere else". Sushi Musa owner - Did I ask too any questions? 29 October 2021 I was bullied by a female Sushi Musa Staff in Canberra Centre underground Food Court. From 8:40-9:15am I was sitting in front of Sushi Musa, drinking coffee, reading paperwork and waiting for my friend. I was planning to buy a few sushi rolls later. I also watched staff deep frying shrimps while I was waiting. Then I was bullied by a female staff(not the one frying shrimps). She was yelling at me " you are watching me, that's embarrassing. Get out of here. " I was shocked and I showed her the coffee in my hand and told her I am a customer of this food court. She said "you are not a customer". Then she was aggressively pounding on the counter meanwhile yelling to me to leave. Later she called a security guard in order to get me away. Lucky the security guard understood more of what food court means and what customer means. This staff deserves to be dismissed immediately. See less
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Jessica D Jul 18, 2021
A decent place for sushi train. Quick, easy, clean. See less
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Mavis Tian Jun 16, 2021
A gorgeous location with a large enough selection of sushi and other Japanese classics. I found it to be a tad on the pricy side, and there was a bone in my salmon sashimi - hence four stars from me. Seafood was all fresh though and decent quality. See less
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Erick T May 30, 2021
Basic sushi, but plenty to choose from. Can also order additional food from the menu. Some of the sushi are just topped with plenty of mayonnaise or heavy sauces which is a bit too much for me. Some of the items are also very little for yr price. Overall, it's fine, but can get quite expensive. See less
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Debby Dai May 27, 2019
It’s more about the experience than the food it safe . It’s fun. You can choose what ever you want on the train. And it’s my visual about what’s on the menu. Taste wise , the variety is not much to be honest. You won’t find every dish from the menu. And sometimes, you need to ask the staff to give you some specific dish you like . See less
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Sophia Kim May 25, 2019
A huge range of fresh and delicious sushi and a la carte Japanese food on the menu. Great customer service, nice atmosphere. Highly recommend for a lunch or dinner with friends and family. See less
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+ 10 reviews
+ 10 reviews
Does Sushi Musa offer takeaway?

Yes, Sushi Musa offers takeaway services. However we encourage you to call us first.

Where is Sushi Musa located?

Its located at Shop R03/9 Bradley St, Phillip ACT 2606, Australia

About Sushi Musa

Sushi restaurant

Shop R03/9 Bradley St, Phillip ACT 2606, Australia
+61 2 6260 5382
Opening hours
  • Sunday: 11:30AM - 9PM
  • Monday: 11:30AM - 9PM
  • Tuesday: 11:30AM - 9PM
  • Wednesday: 11:30AM - 9PM
  • Thursday: 11:30AM - 9PM
  • Friday: 11:30AM - 9PM
  • Saturday: 11:30AM - 9PM
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