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The Scholar

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Seafood restaurant

Dickson, ACT

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About The Scholar

Seafood restaurant

What people love
Seafood restaurant
Terry Li Apr 21, 2022
Very very surprised with the place for yum cha today visiting from Sydney. I’d say better than a lot of restaurants in Sydney. Very fresh produce too πŸ€—πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ See less
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Tins Zara Apr 12, 2022
Good value and tastes like the one we've tried in HK. Booking is a must during yum cha weekend. See less
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Ian MacDonald Mar 19, 2022
Disappointing yum cha. Food very average, service poor (maybe they are suffering staff shortages in Covid age). Dumplings all a bit gluggy. Will go elsewhere next time. See less
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Dylan Zhou Feb 14, 2022
its so bad! We ordered eight dishes altogether. After arriving here at 7:10, only two dishes were served until 9:00. We were ridiculed by the manager. The manager told us to leave if we don’t want to wait. The service is very very slow and bad. I don't recommend you guys to come. See less
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Cameraeatsbeforeme Jan 14, 2022
Loved to have yumcha there, been there a few times. Loved how they served the food (they would push the trolley with food to your table). Some dishes like egg tarts, S&P white bait fish and siew mai are our favourites there. See less
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lachlan harris Jan 04, 2022
Enjoy juicy prawn and chive dumplings, a super smooth congee (it would be good if this came with pickled veggies or a Kim chi) and lightly fried turnip cake. The Scholar is a good place for yum cha in Canberra. crispy (and slightly) sweet sesame balls, like a fried mochi ball, are a nice end with a hot tea. Worth a visit See less
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Dilshani Dissanayaka Dec 20, 2021
Best yum cha in town. So yummy. Loved the fried crabs and pork dumpling. The mango pudding is highly recommend for a beautiful finishing dessert. It gives a refreshing summer feel. See less
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Thien Vuong (fooderarri) Jun 27, 2021
The yum cha here was average - expensive and small serving sizes especially with the cha siu bao. It is the smallest cha siu bao I've ever seen. The are busy but that's no reason for poor customer service. I will call out a particular waiter whose name I do not know but he's a 5 ft 6 skinny little midget with glasses and a small head. He can't communicate properly and clearly and has trouble explaining to us that we don't need to order from the menu, and the e can just wait for the trucks to come around. There are certain menus that need to be ordered. He then took the menu and in doing so, caused rearranging of our chopsticks as well. He does need to be taught some customer service manners. Not to mention there is no evidence of social distancing with the arrangement of the tables. There is hardly any room to squeeze between the dining tables. Never coming back here again until I see the back of him. Yours truly @fooderarri See less
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Jessica D Apr 11, 2021
Average yumcha. Extremely busy on the weekend with a line forming from 11:30am. The portion sizes were smaller than other places and the dumplings were over-steamed. On the upside they had a decent menu selection and the manager was attentive and nice. See less
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Allan D Apr 11, 2021
Extremely busy on a Sunday afternoon. Wide selection of dishes to choose from. The dumplings were over steamed and the portion sizes were a little small. See less
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Yugi Yohanes Jul 24, 2020
Ordered on Friday night, with not too busy time. We waiting here for 1 hour and 45 minutes. Order coming one by one not finished yet until now.. Very bad service.. We want to walk out, so hungry waiting here.. would getting our food after 2 hours.. Hehehe we walked away in the end and downstair we found out they bought the mixed BBQ pork we ordered and waited from next door β€œOrient” very funny restaurant.. NEVER FOUND LIKE THIS ONE BEFORE.. be careful when you come and eat here guys πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ See less
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Ana Carolina Blanco Wahab Nov 06, 2019
Comparing to the other yum chas in Canberra, it was the most authentic that I've been. Many options. But sometimes you have to order what you want instead of waiting for the trolley to bring it. See less
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C1 May 20, 2019
This place is a Canberra institution, serving a large variety of quality Chinese food. Lots of options for fresh seafood. Friendly staff. See less
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Kris De Leon Apr 15, 2019
This is the best Yum Cha in Canberra period! The Scholar would easily rival other Yum Chas in Sydney. Food Each dish we ordered was piping hot and fresh! This is the way Yum Cha is meant to be served! Each dish was delicious with no leftovers remaining... Everyone left satisfied. Some of the dishes we ordered include: Siu Mai, prawn dumplings, chicken feet, Bean curd, combination dumpling, pork buns and more. Ambience This is the Authentic yum cha ambience: line up in queue waiting for table, food delivered in trolleys, waiters selling other dishes on trays, alot of customer background chatter, staff constantly setting up tables and cutlery. This is the true yum cha experience! Their tables are spacious and their chairs are very comfortable offering high back support (up to your shoulders). Thought I would point out these chairs as it is rare to see this in yum cha restaurants and definitely allows you to "lean back" properly and be comfortable. Staff This is another one of their strengths: 1. Their staff all know English and hence it is easy to communicate. 2. Communication across all staff - all staff have hands-free radios on person. Therefore if one person's trolley doesn't have a particular dish you want, they will radio the team and the dish you are after will arrive in 30 seconds from another trolley that has it. Literally "reinforcements" arrive with the food you want! Bye bye disappointments! I believe this is note worthy as this is the first Yum cha I have seen to do this! (Other Yum Chas will simply leave it up to chance and the rotation of trolleys until you find what you want. I prefer the solution offered by The Scholar) Value The Scholar represents fantastic value for money especially if dining in large groups. As a table of 4 we spent $92, tasted a wide variety dishes and left completely satisfied raving about this restaurant. Everyone on the table gave them full marks. I will be telling everyone about The Scholar. Thank you for having us. Kris De Leon Date visited: Lunch 1.30pm Sunday 14 April 2019 (post the Australian running festival event) See less
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Laurence Greaves (Laurie) May 14, 2018
It was reasonable and well presented, but a bit pricy. Edit: the food was ok but... The service was terrible. They took for ever to take our order, then delivered each dish one by one with 10 mins between each. Then after an hour we were still waiting for our last dish when we decided to leave. I wish there was another yum cha to go on the northside of Canberra because this one is pretty bad. See less
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+ 10 reviews
+ 10 reviews
Does The Scholar offer takeaway?

Yes, The Scholar offers takeaway services. However we encourage you to call us first.

Where is The Scholar located?

Its located at 23 Woolley St, Dickson ACT 2602, Australia

About The Scholar

Seafood restaurant

23 Woolley St, Dickson ACT 2602, Australia
+61 2 6257 8323
Opening hours
  • Sunday: 11:30AM - 3PM, 5
  • Monday: 11:30AM - 3PM, 5
  • Tuesday: 11:30AM - 3PM, 5
  • Wednesday: 11:30AM - 3PM, 5
  • Thursday: 11:30AM - 3PM, 5
  • Friday: 11:30AM - 3PM, 5
  • Saturday: 11:30AM - 3PM, 5
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